First Entry!

What better day than Sunday to start my new blog? I love Sundays because they are the beginning of a fresh, new week. Even though Mondays still always feel like the beginning of the real week.

This morning I woke up starving. I was craving cereal and toast with peanut butter & banana, so I had both.

100_2036 100_2035

1/4 cup Kashi Heart-to-Heart

1/4 cup Kashi Go-Lean

1/4 cup skim milk


Well it’s beginning to look like Christmas around here! I’m living with my boyfriend’s family for a few months and they’re putting up all the decorations and tree this morning. It’s definitely getting me in the spirit, even though it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving should be this week since the weather here in So Cal is in the 80’s.

What gets you in the spirit of the holidays? I used to LOVE putting up all the decorations with my family and listening to Christmas music, that was always the beginning of the season for me.

More food later!


One response to “First Entry!

  1. Welcome- I dont have a blog but I want to start one too! Hope it successful!
    My family always goes for long walk after thanksgiving dinner and looks at the christmas lights that have been put up around the neighborhoood….I love that and I always get super excited for Christmas!

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