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I’m back!

For the last week I haven’t been feeling that great about my workouts- I haven’t been super motivated or working that hard. It seems like there are usually ups and downs like that- but today I’m back! I ran 4 miles today without stopping which was pretty awesome. It was great weather and felt amazing. I want to remember that feeling forever as motivation to keep going further! I’m pretty proud of myself for how I did this morning.

Last night was pretty fun. Chris & I went to Ontario Mills mall and since we are poor and have no money we had fun by me trying on stupid outfits. I used to love going to the mall my freshman year of high school and trying on dresses and taking pics of them (yes, I know it’s illegal!) But it was fun and I remember always feeling good about myself afterwards or while I was trying them on. Then once I gained the weight, I really didn’t want to ever go shopping or try on clothes because they didn’t fit right and it made me depressed. Last night made me feel pretty good though. Even though the clothes are ridiculous and stuff I wouldn’t wear- I have to admit I didn’t look as terrible in them as I thought I would. Chris was very sweet and telling me I looked good in the clothes- even though they were ridiculous. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter boyfriend. I’m pretty sure he’d tell me I’m beautiful (and mean it) even if I was 300 lbs. It’s a great feeling to know that I don’t have to be thin for him to love me. My mom always reminds me of that as well. 🙂


It’s getting exciting!

Today has been an exciting day so far and it’s only 1:30. Right now I’m living with my boyfriend’s family in California and my parents are in North Carolina. They’re coming out here at the end of the month (!!) and today we officially own our new house in California! Woo hoo! And this morning my mom’s car got delivered here so they can have it here already when they come. Things are definitely coming together for them to be out here. I also realized I leave to visit my family in Texas in 9 days and still have loads of things to do like finish Christmas shopping, gift-making, wrapping, etc. and I have to do all of those things around work and cleaning the new house top to bottom. I’ll hopefully manage to get it all done, but realized today I better get my booty moving on Christmas things. “It’s getting exciting!” as my gramma would say, she always says that around Christmas time.


I finished painting the rest of the ornaments I’m giving to people today, one penguin is for my sister and one is for Chris’ niece.

On to food…


This morning I was pretty hungry when I woke up but wanted something a little different than the normal oats I’ve been having, so I made Kath’s Baked Banana Oatmeal I’ve been wanting to try forever. I haven’t ever made it because I was scared I wouldn’t like it since I didn’t like oatmeal before, but now that I’ve been eating (and loving) oatmeal in the mornings, I thought I’d give this a shot.

It did not disappoint! Another great recipe, thanks Kath! The only thing I 100_2169changed was using cinnamon instead of brown sugar, but it was still fabulous. I tried spreading peanut butter on top after taking the pic and it didn’t look too pretty after that. 🙂

For lunch I had a turkey pita with lettuce and alfalfa sprouts. Alfalfa sprouts are new to me, I’ve been wanting to try them for a while and tried them for the first time the other day at Bruegger’s Bagels in my salad and liked them, so I picked some up yesterday and added them to my sandwich, yum! 100_2177

I’ve been trying a lot of new foods lately which I’m proud of myself for. Last night I also tried Medjool dates, which I know why people love them for dessert; it tasted a lot like caramel to me. The other night I also had black beans on my sweet potato which was a first for me and I enjoyed that as well. Yay for new foods!

As far as exercise and the Holiday Marathon Challenge goes, I’m not doing so great on the challenge. I haven’t ran at all this week, but have been working out. I just don’t enjoy running as much as I do other activities or it seems so much harder to go running than go to a spin or step class. I figure as long as I’m exercising that is still good, and I should get more miles when I visit Texas and don’t have a gym so will most likely run everyday. I’m not too worried about it like I said, but I’m definitely the slacker of the challenge. :-X

Lastly, congrats to ZestyCook on his 100th post! Check out his site for a great giveaway!

Peace, Love, & Happiness 😛

Almost forgot!

I almost forgot to mention about the best giveaway yet (in my opinion) on blogosphere! Eating Bender is giving away a Vita-Mix Super5200 blender this week!! I want to win so bad! Especially after she explained it has a wet and dry blade- how cool is that?! In honor of this giveaway (and my love for smoothies!) I will share on of my favorite smoothie recipes:


Strawberry-Banana PB Crunch

8 ounces of skim milk (or 2 oz milk 6 oz non-fat yogurt)

4 frozen strawberries

1/2 frozen banana

1 Tbsp natural Peanut butter

1/4 cup granola

1/2 banana, sliced

Put all the ingredients except the sliced banana into the blender until well blended. Top with banana slices & enjoy with a spoon!

Don’t forget to check out that giveaway!

Random Recap

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted but things have been crazy busy around here. I really don’t know how people find the time to live their busy/active/healthy lives and still have time to blog- but I really admire them for it! Mine is obviously more sporadic and random as you can see- so here comes the randomness:

100_2133 This is the only picture of food I really managed to photograph since my last post– sad, I know. But it was a delicious bowl of oats with a pretty xmas decoration in the background so I thought I’d post it anyway.

Chris’ sister & her fiancee were in town this weekend so we had a lot of fun with them. We went to Mexico one day for lunch at this place they all have fond memories of eating rolled tacos & drinking beer. I was a little leery of the meat & water- so I played it safe with my American water (notice my sigg?) and ordered a quesadilla with just cheese. I also snacked on the tortilla chips and yummy salsa. (I just recently started to like salsa and learned that I like the spicy versions best :-))


While we were eating, we got serenaded with fun, live Mexican music!

100_2138 They were right at our table and had the whole set-up. I wish I knew Spanish better so I could of understood all the lyrics.

One night I decided I wanted to make sugar cookies while there were a lot of people there to eat them, plus I got some Christmas cookie-cutters I was excited to put to good use. I followed a basic recipe and everything seemed fine, until I went to check on my cookies and they had become huge and deformed! They said in the recipe that they’d expand, but I didn’t know they would this much! They also pushed down when I touched them after taking them out of the oven, so I thought for sure I had screwed something up.

I still wanted to make cookies since I had told the family I would, but it was getting late and I didn’t know if I’d even have enough ingredients to make another batch, so I went to the store for the good ‘ol Pilsbury dough.

100_2156 I thought I couldn’t go wrong and screw it up with this guy, right?!…. wrong… they did the same thing!!

100_2148 They expanded a little less than my homemade dough, but it still didn’t resemble much of a stocking, tree, or candy-cane. Does anyone know why they expanded & got so deformed?!! Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. I knew I had to refridgerate the dough and I did that, but it still got huge. Hmm..

100_2158 Anyways, I used my homemade recipe from a generic recipe for sugar cookies which turned out okay but super super sweet. (I suppose that’s because it is basically pure sugar) Everyone still seemed to enjoy the cookies, despite their abnormalities, but I was kind of embarrassed at how crappy they turned out. Oh well!

100_2153 I did find this sugar cookie tea in the grocery store which I had been scouting for everywhere I went since I saw it on Meghann’s blog. I had a really sore throat for the last week and never have liked hot liquids (weird, I know, not even soup, tea, coffee– nothing!) but I thought I’d give this a try. It smelled amazing, but I was totally disappointed when I tried it. For some reason it smelled like potatoes to me after it had been brewed… I think I need to give it another try, but I’m still warming up to the whole warm-drink thing (sorry for the horrible joke, lol)

Well I think this concludes my long post of random updates and baking adventures for now. I’m feeling the urge to bake again soon so hopefully next time will go smoother. I don’t mind the trials and errors though- I just honestly like baking, but do prefer when my efforts are successful. I love this time of the year because it’s such a great excuse to bake!! Happy December!

New Toy!!

It felt like Christmas came early today when I got this sandwich maker! I was so excited to get a new kitchen toy, especially since Chris’ mom got it for free for being a platinum member at the casino… ka-chiing for me!!

100_2117 100_2106

It was supposed to be a panini maker, but since they didn’t get them in they gave these out instead- but hey, I’m not complaining! So of course I had to make something on it for lunch today. I really wanted a PB & Banana sandwich, but thought I should make something else that includes vegetables and I’m sure I’ll be making tons of PB & B sandwiches in the near future 😀

So what did I make?! A tomato-spinach-pesto-cheese sandwich. Here it is before and after cooking pics:


Grilled to perfection 🙂

On the side I had a boring bowl of lettuce w/baby carrots. I need to spruce up my salads a bit, but I actually enjoy just the lettuce too.

100_2113 100_2116

I’ll probably be hungry again pretty soon since this meal wasn’t very high in protein- but it was sure yummy! I’m also still planning on working out and hopefully adding some miles for the challenge, but I’m still not feeling great so we’ll see. I definitely don’t want to push myself and make it worse. Do you workout or let yourself rest when you’re sick?

Hope you’re all healthy and having a great day!

Looks Don’t Count

100_2105 How come it’s always the best tasting food that looks gross? For some reason, I rarely think that my food looks good (such as this morning’s breakfast), but it always tastes so good. My mom always said she was going to open a restaurant called “Looks Don’t Count” because all of her favorite meals she makes are far from pretty. Two entrees that would make the menu would be “mush” (mashed potatoes, peas, ground beef) and tuna casserole. Do you have any favorite ugly meals?

It’s also funny how you like things growing up that you may never try now. Like if I went to someone’s house and they served me something called “mush” with those three things combined, I definitely don’t think I’d be too happy. And it’s crazy to me that I even like tuna casserole considering I don’t like tuna or mac & cheese, but I think I only like these dishes since I grew up on them and they remind me of childhood. Are there any meals/foods that you grew up on but probably would never have tried now that you are older?


Anyways, for today’s breakfast I was originally going to have oatmeal. I even cooked it and everything but added some soy protein powder and I took one bite and could taste the chalky-ness so I tossed it. By that point I didn’t feel like oatmeal anymore so I made a Kashi cereal combo with 1/4 cup of: heart-to-heart, go lean, go lean crunch, and puffs. I also had my fav. combo of Pb & banana and put it in the fridge for it to chill before I ate it- that’s my newest thing. With the pb & banana cold it gives it a little different spin/taste.

Today’s agenda is open for right now (woo hoo!). They didn’t need me today at work so I think I’m going to do some relaxing and try to give over my sickness (sore throats suck!), do some grocery and/or xmas shopping, and probably bake something. Fun fun! Hope everyone has a great hump day!

Holiday Crafts & Challenge

100_2100 Happy December! I can’t believe it’s December already, it really does feel like it was just Halloween. Crazy, but I’m so excited because I love this time of the year, especially since I’m somewhere warm this year. It makes it less “festive” for winter, but I definitely don’t mind!

Today I finished painting these ornaments for my mom & gramma. My mom always likes ornaments with pictures of me and my sister on them and always gives one to my Gramma, so this year I decided to paint some for them. I bought these in October for 99 cents at the craft store and painted the gingerbread ones, but got frustrated with the cheap brushes and how crappy they were turning out so I quit. I picked them up and finished them today and I think they look pretty good… from far away. Just don’t look close at all the imperfections/mistakes. I really should’ve bought better brushes, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?!

Also tonight I decided to join the Blogger Holiday Marathon Challenge hosted by Fitness NYC. I’m pretty excited even though I’m not much of a runner, I think it’ll give me motivation to run more and a goal for this month, which is really what I’m looking for. I got in 2.25 miles tonight with my boyfriend’s sister, Nichole. It was actually more of a jog/walk since we both weren’t feeling too well, but it still was a good workout. We stopped at our normal stairs to run up them and do lunges at the top. Her legs felt shaky after that so I was scared she was going to fall or something when we were running after that. We were both okay though!

Tomorrow I hope to do some baking, we’ll see… 😀