Looks Don’t Count

100_2105 How come it’s always the best tasting food that looks gross? For some reason, I rarely think that my food looks good (such as this morning’s breakfast), but it always tastes so good. My mom always said she was going to open a restaurant called “Looks Don’t Count” because all of her favorite meals she makes are far from pretty. Two entrees that would make the menu would be “mush” (mashed potatoes, peas, ground beef) and tuna casserole. Do you have any favorite ugly meals?

It’s also funny how you like things growing up that you may never try now. Like if I went to someone’s house and they served me something called “mush” with those three things combined, I definitely don’t think I’d be too happy. And it’s crazy to me that I even like tuna casserole considering I don’t like tuna or mac & cheese, but I think I only like these dishes since I grew up on them and they remind me of childhood. Are there any meals/foods that you grew up on but probably would never have tried now that you are older?


Anyways, for today’s breakfast I was originally going to have oatmeal. I even cooked it and everything but added some soy protein powder and I took one bite and could taste the chalky-ness so I tossed it. By that point I didn’t feel like oatmeal anymore so I made a Kashi cereal combo with 1/4 cup of: heart-to-heart, go lean, go lean crunch, and puffs. I also had my fav. combo of Pb & banana and put it in the fridge for it to chill before I ate it- that’s my newest thing. With the pb & banana cold it gives it a little different spin/taste.

Today’s agenda is open for right now (woo hoo!). They didn’t need me today at work so I think I’m going to do some relaxing and try to give over my sickness (sore throats suck!), do some grocery and/or xmas shopping, and probably bake something. Fun fun! Hope everyone has a great hump day!


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