New Toy!!

It felt like Christmas came early today when I got this sandwich maker! I was so excited to get a new kitchen toy, especially since Chris’ mom got it for free for being a platinum member at the casino… ka-chiing for me!!

100_2117 100_2106

It was supposed to be a panini maker, but since they didn’t get them in they gave these out instead- but hey, I’m not complaining! So of course I had to make something on it for lunch today. I really wanted a PB & Banana sandwich, but thought I should make something else that includes vegetables and I’m sure I’ll be making tons of PB & B sandwiches in the near future 😀

So what did I make?! A tomato-spinach-pesto-cheese sandwich. Here it is before and after cooking pics:


Grilled to perfection 🙂

On the side I had a boring bowl of lettuce w/baby carrots. I need to spruce up my salads a bit, but I actually enjoy just the lettuce too.

100_2113 100_2116

I’ll probably be hungry again pretty soon since this meal wasn’t very high in protein- but it was sure yummy! I’m also still planning on working out and hopefully adding some miles for the challenge, but I’m still not feeling great so we’ll see. I definitely don’t want to push myself and make it worse. Do you workout or let yourself rest when you’re sick?

Hope you’re all healthy and having a great day!


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