Random Recap

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted but things have been crazy busy around here. I really don’t know how people find the time to live their busy/active/healthy lives and still have time to blog- but I really admire them for it! Mine is obviously more sporadic and random as you can see- so here comes the randomness:

100_2133 This is the only picture of food I really managed to photograph since my last post– sad, I know. But it was a delicious bowl of oats with a pretty xmas decoration in the background so I thought I’d post it anyway.

Chris’ sister & her fiancee were in town this weekend so we had a lot of fun with them. We went to Mexico one day for lunch at this place they all have fond memories of eating rolled tacos & drinking beer. I was a little leery of the meat & water- so I played it safe with my American water (notice my sigg?) and ordered a quesadilla with just cheese. I also snacked on the tortilla chips and yummy salsa. (I just recently started to like salsa and learned that I like the spicy versions best :-))


While we were eating, we got serenaded with fun, live Mexican music!

100_2138 They were right at our table and had the whole set-up. I wish I knew Spanish better so I could of understood all the lyrics.

One night I decided I wanted to make sugar cookies while there were a lot of people there to eat them, plus I got some Christmas cookie-cutters I was excited to put to good use. I followed a basic recipe and everything seemed fine, until I went to check on my cookies and they had become huge and deformed! They said in the recipe that they’d expand, but I didn’t know they would this much! They also pushed down when I touched them after taking them out of the oven, so I thought for sure I had screwed something up.

I still wanted to make cookies since I had told the family I would, but it was getting late and I didn’t know if I’d even have enough ingredients to make another batch, so I went to the store for the good ‘ol Pilsbury dough.

100_2156 I thought I couldn’t go wrong and screw it up with this guy, right?!…. wrong… they did the same thing!!

100_2148 They expanded a little less than my homemade dough, but it still didn’t resemble much of a stocking, tree, or candy-cane. Does anyone know why they expanded & got so deformed?!! Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. I knew I had to refridgerate the dough and I did that, but it still got huge. Hmm..

100_2158 Anyways, I used my homemade recipe from a generic recipe for sugar cookies which turned out okay but super super sweet. (I suppose that’s because it is basically pure sugar) Everyone still seemed to enjoy the cookies, despite their abnormalities, but I was kind of embarrassed at how crappy they turned out. Oh well!

100_2153 I did find this sugar cookie tea in the grocery store which I had been scouting for everywhere I went since I saw it on Meghann’s blog. I had a really sore throat for the last week and never have liked hot liquids (weird, I know, not even soup, tea, coffee– nothing!) but I thought I’d give this a try. It smelled amazing, but I was totally disappointed when I tried it. For some reason it smelled like potatoes to me after it had been brewed… I think I need to give it another try, but I’m still warming up to the whole warm-drink thing (sorry for the horrible joke, lol)

Well I think this concludes my long post of random updates and baking adventures for now. I’m feeling the urge to bake again soon so hopefully next time will go smoother. I don’t mind the trials and errors though- I just honestly like baking, but do prefer when my efforts are successful. I love this time of the year because it’s such a great excuse to bake!! Happy December!


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