A bit overzealous


I have been loving biking lately- I’ve been hooked on cycling/spinning classes for a year now and a few weeks ago I finally got a bike that I could use to get around town. Well, the last week or so I have been really putting it to good use and today was definitely the most by far- it might have been a little TOO much, but it was still fun.

I started my day by cooking my oatmeal and packing it up to eat at the gym. I have to get there so early to get a bike now that I just eat in the locker room most days that I cycle.


-1/2 cup rolled oats, water, unsweetened vanilla almond milk

-1 medium banana


sweet potato raisin muffin crumbled on top

I loved the muffin on top! Afterwards my belly felt a little full I wasn’t sure if it would give me problems cycling immediately afterwards, but I ended up being fine.

After a great spin class with the same instructor from yesterday, I rode my bike to Kmart for some necessities and spent some time wandering the aisles. Then I stopped by Jamba Juice to put my gift card from Christmas to good use. I love their steel-cut oatmeal but since I already had oatmeal this morning I was just going to stick with a smoothie, but when she asked if I wanted oatmeal or a baked good for $1 I couldn’t turn it down.


I was halfway through before I remembered to take a picture. I got it with banana slices on top & no brown sugar crumbles. They called them “crumbles” but they are more like huge clumps of sugar.


I also got a sixteen strawberry nirvana and a banana. I love putting slices on top of the smoothie and eating it with a spoon.


All together & enjoyed on a bright, sunny, beautiful California day!

I was pretty exhausted at this point as I had already been gone from the house for 3 1/2 hours and started to regret my biking adventure. But I trudged on home and felt very accomplished, but exhausted. Still after my big Jamba lunch I came home hungry. I grabbed a pink lady apple and some carrots since my lunch lacked veggies and slathered them with my fake pb. 🙂


Well I’m pretty beat- but I definitely had a fun morning and blasted lots of calories so I am not making any promises for photographing my intake today- I’m sure I’ll be ravenous all day and I might be at the gym again with Chris later for his workout- so we’ll see! Happy Friday!


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