Change of (Meal) Plans

Chris ended up getting out of class early today so he decided to come home for his 3 hour break rather than me meet him at Panera in the mall. It was fine with me except I was all excited for Panera, next week though!

Instead we saved money and ate a healthy meal at home. (more later) But first, I had a great morning at the gym, spinning was especially awesome today. What is it about exercise that makes you feel so awesome? Oh yeah, endorphins 😛

I’m very picky about my group exercise instructors I’ve realized. I love the lady whose class I went to today for spinning, but I can’t stand her yoga class. It’s for the stupidest reason too, but I can’t seem to get over it. It’s because she says “inhale” and “exhale” really weird. She extends them out really long like “iinnnhhhalllee…” & “exxhhhallllee…”. I know a lot of instructors do this but something about the way she does and her voice really bothers me. But as a cycle teacher, she’s awesome. She is motivating, fun, & always keeps my heart rate high more than any other teacher for some reason. I really like when teachers talk about things other than just spin, like their families or kids or what’s going on in the world. The girl who normally teaches on Thursdays is super boring and serious and all she ever talks about is form and pace and all that but in a serious tone, taking all the fun out of it.

Anyways, I was pretty surprised when I looked down at my HRM and saw I had burned 500 calories in the class. I finished up with some light reading on the stairmill & some abs.


I think I waited too long to eat because when I was trying to figure out what I wanted for lunch I felt lightheaded and shaky. Oops! I ended up making myself a salad with lots of the fruits & veggies we had in the fridge. Here’s the breakdown:


-Romaine Lettuce/Spinach


-Red bell pepper







Healthy fats:

-Raspberry walnut dressing


& an Ezekiel pita (grains) & carrots on the side (I ate a lot of the carrots pre-photo) All I needed was some dairy and it woulda covered all the bases!


Shortly after I got hungry again and had a banana w/pb, grapes & some key lime non-fat yogurt. I only took a couple bits of the yogurt and decided I didn’t like the key lime flavor.


So I had half a cup of Kashi go lean & puffs w/milk & a pink lady with more grapes. Can you tell I’m addicted to grapes? I seriously am. And gum too.

I’m hungry again, I think this food blog business is not so easy for people like me who snack & graze all day. I could go on but this has been a long enough post already. See ya for dinner!


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