Luck of the Irish

I have always loved the month of March. Every year I look forward to it because good things usually happen. I remember reading a statistic that everyone’s favorite month happens to be the month of their birthday, which is true in my case, but I still love it. My birthday is St. Patrick’s Day and I have red hair, which people always find hilarious. They find it even funnier when I tell them that I’m a quarter Japanese and everyone else in my family has dark brown or black hair.

So far, my good luck March month seems to be coming true. Or at least I have a lot to look forward to/be excited about this month. Here are some of the reasons I’m excited for this month:

1. Last night I was reading Tina’s post and found out I won NURU’s Exercise Anywhere cards! I was sooo excited because out of all the blog giveaways I’ve never won a single one and even posted how I probably won’t win but would love to. Yay! I can’t wait to get them in the mail!

2. The other day at spin class the instructor mentioned the Temecula Triathlon that is on March 22nd. She said it’s a sprint triathlon and great for beginners. It consists of a 5k run, 17 mile bike ride, and 150-yard swim. I was instantly intrigued because I haven’t heard of any races in my actual town and I am getting a new bike for my birthday (which I already picked out and LOVE but have to “forget” about until the 17th :-)) So anyways, I mentioned it to my mom and she just made me feel discouraged saying “people train for those kinds of things.” Then I mentioned it to my dad today and he said he’d love to sponsor me and watch me complete it! It was $50 which was holding me back as well, but I’m sooo happy he is sponsoring me and I’m excited and nervous to do my first race ever! I think maybe I should have started with a 5k, but I think I can handle it. My main goal is to have fun and finish; one of my “to do’s before I die” is to compete in a race so I can’t wait!

3. My 21st birthday- March 17th– party time!

4. My sister coming from Virginia to visit tomorrow!

5. Dr. Phil show audience- March 9th

6. Chris & my 4 year anniversary– March 12th

See what I mean that March is an awesome month?! It’s even better that I quit my job to fully enjoy the month (one of the reasons I didn’t mind quitting) Then starting April I will be in school so that will keep me plenty busy.

Hope everyone else gets some Irish luck this month!


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