Recap of Fun

This month has definitely proven to be as good as I hoped, even better actually! I’ve been busy having lots of fun celebrating my birthday, playing with my new toys I got, and finishing my first race ever, the sprint triathlon. Here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to:

My 21st Birthday/St. Patrick’s Day included:

DSCN0272 A GIANT bowl of oatmeal

DSCN0278 Sprinkles Cupcakes (aka Heaven in my mouth!)

and of course….

DSCN1075 Lots of drinking!

It was a great time and I luckily didn’t get sick or hung over. I got a bunch of awesome gifts and was especially excited about the following:

DSCN0316DSCN0325 DSCN0229   Measuring cups,  a bread machine, & a new bike!! I know, I’m so spoiled but am sooo thankful. (Thank you everyone for the great gifts)



Sunday was my sprint triathlon & oh my gosh, I had a blast!! It was early in the morning, cold, and began to rain halfway through, but I had a great time and finished which was my goal. I actually exceeded my own expectations. I finished in a total of 1:41:12.


The split times were:

5k: 27:09

17 mile bike ride: 1:08:33

150 yd swim: 5:30

Not the fastest, but I was proud of myself & can finally see what is so addictive and fun about races. During the bike portion I was thinking “this is so crazy, but I’m loving it. It’s crazy that I’m loving it. Who am I?! I guess this is me..” If you would have told me about 3 or 4 years ago that I would be completing a triathlon, eat oatmeal every morning, and love healthy foods, I would probably look at you like you were insane. I never knew this would be me, I used to be the picky eater who would only eat grilled cheese and chicken fingers and couldn’t even run the mile in high school. It goes to show that really anything is possible.

I was also thinking it’s amusing how I pretty much accidentally became an athlete. I was among all these great athletes and I actually sort of fit in and could keep up. (Mention I didn’t say dominate… still a looonnngg way from that :-))

I would love to do more races in the future and plan on it, but right now my budget can’t afford the registration fees… blogger bake sale, anyone? Haha, just kidding- I think I need readers for that first 😛

Playing Around:

DSCN0360 DSCN0361

I finally got to go paint pottery this month (twice!) and made these beautiful oatmeal bowls. I have to say- they’re my favorite thing I’ve ever made and I’ve already been putting them to plenty of use already. 😉

DSCN0335 DSCN0330

I’ve also been putting my bread machine to work with these projects:

DSCN0341 DSCN0350

Raisin Bread & Bagels

DSCN0343 DSCN0348

So far my bread machine creations have been successes as far as taste goes. The bagels were pretty hard to make, but I took it as a challenge. They aren’t pretty, but the good taste is there which is the important part.

Well this was a very long recap of my latest “adventures.” Until next time!


3 responses to “Recap of Fun

  1. Sounds like a blast, you are living the life girl!

  2. this is like the best post I’ve ever read! So many good things!

    1) You are adorable
    2) I want that cupcake
    3) I’m glad you had a great birthday with drinks and fun
    4) AWESOME gifts! Umm, seriously who are we that we get so excited for bread machines as birthday presents, haha!
    5) Amazing job on the race, that’s something to be really proud of! I would love to do a tri one day but I HATE swimming and am allergic to chlorine so training would be no fun. Is there such a thing as a biatholon, if so, sign me up!
    6) those bowls are awesome! I love painting pottery but nobody ever wants to go do it with me : (
    7) Mmmm, that bread looks awesome. I have a bread machine at home but haven’t made bagels bef0re—it sounds like a good challenge for this summer. Try making pizza dough in it, it’s so good—I love homemade pizza!

    Wow, I think my comment was as long as your post. Have a great day!

  3. Thank you so much Sarah, you are too sweet 🙂

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