Oh Happy Day!

This afternoon was very relaxing and enjoyable– just like everyday should be. I did some baking projects I wanted to get to, but they aren’t done yet so I’ll post when they are.

I went for a bike ride and stopped by the grocery store on the way home.  Before my bike ride I had some grapes. I was excited to get on my bike because I got it tuned up yesterday; the gears were making funny noises. Well it is still making strange noises in the first gear, but then finally becomes quiet- I’ll have to ask my dad what’s up with it or if that’s normal. I got so caught up in my biking and baking that I realized I needed to eat asap. When I got home I chowed on a lot of carrots (more than shown here) and made Chris a veggie sandwich cuz he was hungry too.


DSCN0408 Mmm… check out all those veggies, I wish that was my lunch, but unfortunately my tastes aren’t that evolved yet…. yet.


So instead I had a turkey-spinach wrap on a La Tortilla Factory wrap. And some more fruit. It was almost 6:00 before I sat down to eat this and I’m meeting Jess at 8, so I kept it lighter. My meal times have been kinda screwy in the last week since I’ve been sleeping in so late, but once again, I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

I’m watching Oprah right now about “weight loss in the public eye.” They had Valerie Bertinelli, Marie Osmond, and Star Jones on. I liked a few things they had to say about being healthy and not just thin, but each one had some sort of aid. Valerie is Jenny Craig, Marie is Nutra-system, and Star Jones had gastric bypass and hid it. I just think that it says you can’t do it on your own- which you CAN. It may even be easier than trying to eat that nutra-system sh**!! I’ve heard so many bad things about how nasty that food is and saw my aunt’s huge, un-refrigerated box of processed meals over this summer. I even took a look at the nutrition information and was not impressed. They had lots of sodium, not to mention it was hard to find an ingredient I could pronounce let alone knew what it was. Yuck. I just think it’s sad that people watching who need help are going to think they need a packaged meal program or surgery to get healthy. However, some people really do need those things for success, so I guess that is good. Thank god I’m not a celebrity, because I wouldn’t be able to have tabloids and tons of people talking about me when I couldn’t even handle my one friend’s comments lol.

Now I’m just waiting to go to dinner and snacking on some grapes in the meantime. My baking project just came out of the bread maker and looks like a flop… I’ll let you know how it turned out for sure after proper taste testing 😉


2 responses to “Oh Happy Day!

  1. What?? How did you post from the future?? It’s not even April 2 over HERE yet, crazy!

    This is also a response to the post before this because woooo I’m famous now – my name is on the internet! Ha ha.

    Oh and also I’m glad your oatmeal is ugly too – I’m trying to get used to it. But that’s what I meant that time I said mine looked like dysentery in a bowl.. you just view it as a party or a work of art.. well aren’t you miss the-glass-is-half-full?

    🙂 Love you l’il sis!

  2. landoffruitsandnuts

    haha you crack me up, Weeze! I think I need to fix my computer or the setting of the blog- it keeps saying I am getting e-mails from the future too and my clock keeps changing like 3 hours ahead of time– do you think it’s a sign or something?

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