Egg Hunt


My favorite thing about Easter was always the egg hunts. I got really frustrated trying to find the plastic eggs, but always loved opening them up because they either had one of my 3 favorite things as a kid in them: candy, money or toys!

In the morning we would open Easter baskets & do an egg hunt through the neighborhood. We lived on a cult-a-sac where everyone was friends, so all yards were free game. It was always exciting to find one with your name on it.

In the afternoon we would go to my Grandparent’s house. My grandpa went to great lengths to make a great egg hunt for us. He would think of really tricky places in his big Arizona backyard to hide the eggs and would give us tons of hints to find them. He’d say “you’re getting warmer… nope, colder colder.” All of the eggs had our names on them with labels made from his label maker and they were filled with cash! The best ones were the ones with dollar bills, but we all knew we got the same amount of money as everyone else in the end. It was so much fun and I’m so glad I have those memories.

The picture is of my sister & I. Miss you today, Weeze!

This morning I made my bowl of oatmeal festive with an egg hunt. Much different than my childhood egg hunts, but still fun 🙂


This Easter will be celebrated by spending time with my family & going to a craft show/wine tasting.

What are your plans for Easter? Have a nice Sunday everyone!


2 responses to “Egg Hunt

  1. Aw, Bashy.. this makes me miss you so much! It was fun to reminisce about Papa and Gilbert.. all I have to say is awwwww…!

    Also on your last post – I think you’d better send a care package with Mom when she comes (especially if it involves some of those Newman O cupcakes) 😉

    I miss you, little sister! It was fun talking to you yesterday.. and I will reply to your email asap. Love ya!

  2. I just found your blog through Meghann’s at Inner workings of a college graduate. Just wanted to say that your blog looks great and i hope we can have a blogger meet up some day, as i’m originally from anaheim!

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