My clothes shopping ended up being pretty unsuccessful. The only pair of jeans I  liked had a broken zipper and no others in my size, ugh. It’s okay though, I did get 4 bras for $40 & realized my aunt and Gramma are coming next week and they like to go shopping so maybe they’ll go with me.

My gym workout was good- I did 45 minutes on the Stairmaster & 15 minutes of free weights for arms & abs. When I got home Nikki (Chris’ sister) asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride. Since it was a beautiful day & all I went with her on my crappy old purple bike that I keep at Chris’. Dang it was torture compared to my new bike, but we took it slow and it was quite enjoyable. I stopped at a grocery store on trip because I was having a hardcore apple craving.


I was on my own for lunch & shopping since Chris went out with his friends for sushi. There was no food at the house so I stopped by souplantation and made myself a salad to go.


  • spinach/dark lettuce/iceburg
  • green peppers
  • carrots
  • zucchini
  • radishes
  • chickpeas
  • raisins
  • wonton strips/croutons

I was craving salad really bad and this was great, except that I ate it in my car. I really need to get over my eating alone in public thing.


I got a Strawberry Nirvana from Jamba Juice during my shopping trip. I ordered a small, but I guess it came out big. Hey, I don’t mind 🙂


When I gave up came home from shopping, I had a Sarah-inspired snack of yogurt w/granola & 100 cal kettle corn. I also had some carrots to up my veggie intake.


And I couldn’t go a day without grapes. These were extra good and crunchy too.

Turns out I am going to get to see Adventureland after all! Chris and I are going in about an hour, yay! Hope it turns out to be funny, not just stupid. It looks like it could go either way. I’m sure I’ll be sneaking some more snacks into the theatre, I love doing that 😀


2 responses to “Unsuccessful

  1. Gah, no new posts today! As much as I enjoyed this one.. now you’ve got me spoiled on three a day. I need ’em now. Texts and emails and calls are not enough!!

    😀 Love, Weeze

  2. PS Wait I never asked.. radishes on salad, is this new? Didja try them with butter and salt yet? (probably defeats the purpose of eating them but it’s sooo yummy)

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